MTV Anti- Reflective Coating

See Beyond Reflections with Ultra- Effective MTV Anti- Reflective Coating

The special MTV Anti- reflective coating has a 9 layered anti reflective surface, that allows for 99% transmission of visible light providing crystal clear vision during both daytime and night.

An Uncompromisingly Aesthetic Look with Extra Protection

MTV Anti Reflective Coating gives your look a soothing aesthetic touch adding a touch of fashion to your lifestyle. MTV Anti- Reflective Coating reflects a portion of the harmful Blue Light and a similar portion of the heat generating Infra- Red Lighting securing the exposed surface of your eyes. This coating enhances visual resolution 24/7 by selectively reflecting back portions of Blue, Orange and Red Lights.

Enjoy 24/7 Crystal Clear Vision

• 5 Times Scratch Resistant
• 9 Anti- Reflective Layers
• Water Repellent
• Rich Contrast
• Enhanced Day and Night Vision